Reflections on UX Brighton 2012

Below is a review of my experience at UX Brighton 2012, if this comes across in a slightly aggressive tone, you're reading it wrong. :) I believe events of this kind can benefit from a more detailed review than simple praising (or flaming) tweets. It was my first time at The Corn ...Read More

Recommendations from inside an Agile UX environment

One year ago I joined Caplin as a UX designer. It was my first experience working on a true Agile environment and it took me some time getting used to, but I believe it can be done. The list below collects a few observations from working on Agile projects over ...Read More

Teamwork and Social Processes in Design: the Design Jam Events

Below are some thoughts on the experience of Design Jams, I've been to three events so far, two in London and one in Oxford. Design Jams are one-day events where designers get together to learn and collaborate, the events are run by local volunteers and all results are shared under ...Read More