HackDay 6 – Hack-o-ween roundup

Last Friday saw another 24-hour coding-fest at Caplin HQ. All engineering staff were asked to form teams for a start on Thursday lunchtime and build something cool to demo on Friday afternoon. For a number of people furiously working on their ...Read More

QCon 2013 – Day three – end of day review

Keynote: A forward look at federated wiki - Ward Cunningham Ward Cunningham was the inventor of the wiki and his talk was aimed at describing the next generation.  Again there was a mural of the talk created as it was given. We ...Read More

QCon 2013 – Day one – End of day review

We're at the first day of QCon London 2013. It's big. The opening keynote was attended by a couple of thousands and there's an iPhone app. A mixed bag of talks and some great people and suppliers to ...Read More