Why 100% Code Coverage is not enough

Introduction When it comes to software testing and code quality it is not always clear what the Test Coverage is - respectively what areas of the application need more attention regarding testing. Questions like: - Do we have enough tests? - Do the tests cover enough paths of the code? are quite common but tricky ...Read More

Pairwise Testing

Recently we had a discussion about testing all possible combinations within a FX Trade Ticket. To give a context, a trade ticket consists of several parameters like: - Trade Type (SPOT, FORWARD, SWAP, TIMEOPTION) - Currency Pair (BASE, TERM) - Direction (BUY, SELL) If we combine all possibilities we will have to execute 16 tests ...Read More

QA Brown Bag Sessions

A Brown Bag session, seminar or lunch is a very informal meeting held during a lunch break to discuss or present various topics. Considering the QA team is distributed across different project teams, it is not always easy to keep everyone up to date. Beyond our regular QA team meetings which ...Read More

Technical and Non-Technical aspects of Test Automation

Test Automation is an essential part of software testing. Especially these days where everything is about agile development and agile processes. Short iterations and flexibility make it crucial to have an efficient Test Automation strategy in place. Test Automation in general is: • dynamically set up preconditions • ...Read More

What Jasmine thinks of a Given-When-Then syntax

May I introduce you to Jasmine! Jasmine BDD is a test automation framework to test JavaScript code. It is designed for Behaviour Driven Development by using specifications to describe the aim of a test in plain English language. Example of a Jasmine test: it("makes testing JavaScript awesome!", function() { // ...Read More