QA Brown Bag Sessions

A Brown Bag session, seminar or lunch is a very informal meeting held during a lunch break to discuss or present various topics.

Considering the QA team is distributed across different project teams, it is not always easy to keep everyone up to date. Beyond our regular QA team meetings which focus on the project status and cross team communication etc., we wanted to introduce a more informal way of knowledge transfer. So we decided to organise regular QA Brown Bag sessions, which are held every fortnight.

People simply bring their lunch to the meeting. We discuss various subjects, which concern our QA life and beyond. New ideas, different approaches and improvements are welcome and appreciated.

Some of the topics we’ve already covered in previous sessions are:

  • Jasmine Acceptance Test Framework
  • Discussion about manual test scripts
  • Discussion about the significance of Management Dashboard metrics

Brown Bag meetings are a useful and efficient way of knowledge transfer, which should encourage people to come up with their own ideas.


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