Javascript: Elements of Style

I recently read Farhad Manjoo’s polemic on slate explaining that using two spaces after a full stop is flat out wrong. Of course things are never that simple and Manifest Destiny has an ...Read More

Ressurecting the Jigosaurus – Part II

This is part II to Ressurecting the Jigosaurus written by Andrew Trevorah.The original Jigosaurus contained a single playable image which was cut to puzzle pieces saved on the web server as distinct files. Obviously it wasn’t very exciting to play ...Read More

Chrome Crankshaft – ‘doubles’ JavaScript speed

Performance is a key aspect in native-web Single Dealer Platforms, since browser robustness is widely satisfactory in modern browsers. Low latency browser-based trading has been massively accelerated by the latest releases of Chrome and Firefox. Now that performance ...Read More

Why no WebSocket server API?

WebSocket consists of a simple Javascript API and a protocol definition. It is fairly simple in concept and the Javascript API makes it very easy to use within any web page. There is lots of talk about compatibility, ...Read More

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-08

RT @detyro: Time to get Emotional about your markup: the W3C release Emotion Markup Language (EmotionML) 1.0 #RT @ian_alderson:RT @bymathias: jScrollPane #jquery plugin-allows ...Read More

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-25

Google's JavaScript styleguide = good: #Software Craftsmanship 2010 is now open for registration #sc2010 #RT @sarahlawfull: 10 Most Common Misconceptions About User Experience Design ...Read More

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-18

RT @ajaxian: Strobe; A hot new HTML5-touch startup founded by Charles Jolley: #RT @cometdaily: Reminder, London Comet panel is tonight @london_ajax #Platformability's latest ...Read More

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-04

Platformability freebie! Download Arthur's Lazy Kit your next website design mock-up: #Platformability is now optimised for portable devices! Give it a go on your mobile! #London Ajax User Group ...Read More

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-13

Platformability post: @andrewjdarnell comments our last Tech Talk: The Art of Motivation: Autonomy, Purpose & Mastery: #Great article about why #html5 does not spell the end of #silverlight ...Read More