Money Phone

Having gone to the 'Internetworld 2012' event, there seems to be a clear emerging trend for mobiles, which should come as no surprise. We are all going to be using our phones to pay for things from now on. ...Read More

Caplin Thrower – Mobile Hackday Project

While the rise of internet-capable mobile devices has solved a lot of problems, it has also brought a host of new problems with it. One problem you may encounter is that as your customers are now using multiple devices to access ...Read More

The world went HTML5, finally Adobe are catching up!

Yesterday's announcement by Adobe that they were abandoning Flash for mobile was greeted with almost universal acclaim in the tech blogosphere. Unusually, there weren't many people surprised or disappointed by the decision. Why? Well, It turns out ...Read More

A Tribute to Steve Jobs

It saddened us at Caplin to hear of Steve Jobs’ recent passing, but we’d like to reflect on his achievements and how they have revolutionised the world. Steve Jobs was not a ...Read More

Caplin Reaver – Hackday Project

Caplin Reaver (name pending review) was a small project created by Neal Dangerfield and myself to explore how to make the XMC (Xaqua Management Console) into a more compelling feature for Caplin Xaqua.The XMC is a great tool. It allows developers ...Read More

The “Mobile” Hackathon

Last year’s Caplin 24 hour HTML5 Hackathon was such a success that we’ve decided it’s high time for another! Tomorrow at 3 o'clock sharp our Mobile Hackathon will kick off and our engineers will have 24 hours to form teams, plan, design ...Read More

Could Mobile Safari become the next IE 6?

I heard a great quote a year or two ago about how software developers always want to reinvent the wheel. Most other scientific disciplines require you to learn from others before building upon what they have done. Sir ...Read More

Breaking Development 2011

Breaking Development 2011 (Design and Development for the Mobile Web) is now over. The line up of speakers was excellent with many of the leading voices for the mobile web presenting. Although I didn't attend I was ...Read More

IE10 preview already available!

Before IE9 has started walking and talking, Microsoft have just announced at MIX11 that they are already well underway with the development of IE10 and developers can download the first platform preview release. They are aiming for a September ...Read More

The Mobile Web getting faster

There is more to the Mobile Web than just Apple products, but with the recent announcement of the iPad 2 and iOS 4.3 things are looking interesting. The new iPad has a new faster dual core ...Read More