Velocity – London 2013

After a thrilling 3 days at the Velocity Conference in London, I've put together this blog to give an overview of the more interesting talks covered in this year's conference. For those whom are unfamiliar with the Velocity conference, you can ...Read More

The Power of Personas

Prior to joining Caplin via an internship for my master’s program in Human-Centred Systems at City University London, I had spent several years working in front-end Web development, application design, and Web project management. Whilst I incorporated various forms of ...Read More

Designing for the user: not as easy as it sounds!

As a UX intern, I got the chance to work with the UX team on in house research for Caplin Systems solutions and services. Being involved with research designed to inform aspects of the UI of future products helped me realise how important, ...Read More

The importance of colour in trading platforms

Psychologists, scientists, advertisers, web designers and so many others have studied colour extensively throughout the years. Studies that associate colour with psychology, culture and even gender have been conducted in an attempt to understand and appreciate its significance in our everyday lives. Its ...Read More

Trouble in Flatworld

My mother gingerly taps the screen at arms length, as if lighting a firework, and then waits, flinching. And, as with a firework, only when she is absolutely sure that nothing is going to happen – and that could take some time - ...Read More

Hit The Numbers – An aid to blue-sky thinking

When the digital world first became a workplace, trading platforms were adaptations of physical work environments evolved over many years for a niche group of highly skilled and specialized people. The burgeoning speed and power of the Internet, which originally made ...Read More

Human Behaviour @ Behavioural Design Conference

Caplin Systems gave me the opportunity to attend my first conference in London last Friday; it was “Nudgestock” at Digital Shoreditch. The topic, ‘Behavioural Design’, has always interested me, and it ties in with my work at Caplin. It was an exciting and ...Read More


Caplin's UX team headed to Digital Shoreditch last week to discover what the most innovative and creative businesses in Tech City are doing to keep them ahead in our fast pace industry. The event was held in the Shoreditch Town Hall which ...Read More

Digital Shoreditch, am I cool enough?

Being sadly beyond growing a “quirky quiff”, I was in two minds as to how I would react to the final day of Digital Shoreditch, or “Nudgestock”, devoted to behavioural design.  I pocketed the free pastries like a tramp at ...Read More

2 minutes: Matthew Baxter

Matthew Baxter joined Caplin as Head of UX Design in December 2012 Leading Caplin’s UX Design team from research through to visual design, Matthew is focused on ensuring Caplin products are appropriate, intuitive, fit for purpose and a pleasure to use ...Read More