Welcome to the Caplin Systems Tech Blog

Caplin Systems has been building pioneering real-time web technology for financial markets since 2000. During this time we’ve come up with a lot of very clever solutions to very difficult problems across a broad range of technologies and problem domains. The purpose of this blog is to give our team an opportunity to share, gather and discuss problems, solutions and best practices with a wider community.

Since this is a technology blog expect the blog entries to be of a techie nature with a heavy focus on web technologies and particularly financial ajax. A lot of what we do at Caplin –  in particular Caplin Trader, our platform for building multi-product financial trading portals –  is related to financial ajax, so expect this category to be quite busy. There will also be plenty of topics on general software engineering, comet, software craftsmanship, design patterns, Java, C, etc.

At Caplin we use a variety agile methodologies to build our products and help us ensure that projects with our clients can meet their needs by delivering value quickly and allowing regular opportunities for change. So expect to see posts on our practices and processes, automated testing frameworks, and the like.

Posts will be from all of Caplin’s employees with roles including development, testing, business analysis, project management and consultancy. Please give us feedback and comments on this blog so that we can tweak it and tune it to make it an even more useful resource for us and the community.

Happy reading!

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