Dev Week: Money Market POC

It is quite common in the Caplin Integration Team to write Proof of Concepts (POC) where we usually write adapter code that we integrate with new systems. For my ...Read More

Caplin to host an Agile UX Safari!

Caplin will be hosting an “Agile UX Safari” in a couple of weeks. It will be a little different to the last one at MindCandy (we don’t have a tree house in our boardroom!) but we share their passion for design and ...Read More

The Psychology of UX: Part 3

Hello again and welcome back to the Psychology of UX series! Today's topic is all about MISTAKES. But before we begin let's just define... "..a decision or action, or lack thereof, that we fear we'll come to regret. They usually cause some degree ...Read More

What I Learnt at SPA 2011

After weeks of keen anticipation, not to mention many long nights of preparation for my own session, SPA 2011 has now been and gone. Overall it was an excellent conference with a great group of attendees. The numerous inter-session conversations I had with ...Read More

Thoughtworks Live 2011 – Continuous Deployment

I spent a very informative time last Wednesday at the first day of this year’s ThoughtWorks Live event. The conference was videoed, so I guess TW will be making the conference material available in due course. Here’s my ...Read More

With design agility must come design ability

This is an interesting post by Anders Ramsay. I definitely think design agility is an important skill, I think it goes without saying that if you do not have agility then you are not agile, but I also think that design ability is ...Read More

SPA2010 conference redux

I missed the start of SPA2010 on Sunday, I knew it was going to be a heavy week and I needed some time for the family :) Sorry Phil/Adam. Monday started with the opening plenary, I think it was good, I'm sure it ...Read More

The beauty of small tests

When tests are small, a test failure means just one thing – somewhere in these ten lines of code which are being tested, there is an error.  Ok, sometimes this can mean that there is an error in the test script, or a ...Read More

Agile – Tests = Fragile

The nature of agile projects, with lots of small releases mean that there are a lot of test runs to execute if you want to have any confidence in the code and the product. Ignoring this testing just generates projects which will fail – ...Read More