Internship 2022 – Pink FlaminGoing to Work at Caplin

Hiya! I’m V, a third year studying Computer Science at the University of Birmingham. Last year, I thought it’d be a good idea to get some experience working in a company after the end of my second year – this lead to me applying to Caplin’s internship scheme, one of the best decisions I’d made that year.

Recently (actually about two months ago now), I finished up my summer internship at Caplin – a period of ten weeks where myself and three others worked together to produce an awesome piece of software for the company. I had such a great time – learning all manner of new technologies and methodologies; meeting some pretty incredible people and teaching my fellow interns everything I could.

Working at Caplin was a bit of a shock at first – my first job in software of any kind – but it was combined with travelling to London for the first true time in my life; getting some genuine life experience by living by myself and all the rest of the stuff that comes with that; as well as meeting so many new people. I made some genuinely awesome friends and met a lot of people who were so talented and knowledgable about some of the most obscure topics – it was a blast.

In terms of the actual internship, the work day went as follows: Start work at 9am and come into the office, set up my working environment, SCRUM meeting in the morning at around 10am, work on any actions I got from the SCRUM or the issues I’d selected to work on until lunch, eat either in the office or out in London, SCRUM catchup meeting in the afternoon to discuss any pressing issues, work until 5:30pm. I found this to be quite a good way of keeping me focused – I’d be able to talk about any problems I’d faced in the morning, ask for any help if I needed it, or help out the others on my team if they needed it.

Speaking of my team, the other interns were great people to work with – Naomi, Agathe, Tianjiao and I made quite the squad, and every person individually worked on some really awesome stuff. They were really receptive to anything I’d let them know about, and they in turn taught me a bunch too! It was a great environment to learn in and collaborate with; and I think we ended up with an incredible project.

I consider all of the amazing people at Caplin to be friends; and in particular I want to shout out my teammates – the Pink Flamingos – for being an awesome little family. I’m very thankful for the opportunity to work with such cool people and wish everyone at Caplin and within my own team the best; hopefully I’ll be back sooner rather than later!

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