3 Generations of RIA Trading

Matt's post on RIA Streaming Architectures is something we have experienced over the years too. Liberator has always supported bidirectional messaging, but the first people to use it for trading still decided to do the trading part ...Read More

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-28

Hi, this is @martintyler, I am Chief Software Architect at Caplin and will be tweeting this week from CaplinTech #Flex 4 is out, which includes Flash Builder 4 - http://bit.ly/98iERz #ria ...Read More

Tech Talk – Behaviour Driven Development

Last week several of my colleagues and I watched a Google Tech Talk on Beyond Test Driven Development: Behaviour Driven Development, presented by Dave Astels way back in March 2006.Although four years can seem like an eternity within software ...Read More

Interesting stuff coming out of MIX10

Microsoft's MIX10 Developers and Designers conference is currently running in Las Vegas. Sadly I'm not attending as it sounds like lots of fun...There has been lots of buzz and some really interesting bits coming out so far ...Read More

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-14

Good afternoon everyone. I’m Ian, inaugural guest tweeter for @CaplinTech-I’ll be tweeting about HTML, CSS and Javascript over the next week #This week's first CaplinTech blog post: From @martintyler - PubSubHubbub - the ...Read More

Does Spelling Matter for the Real-time Web?

A few weeks ago a colleague sent through a link to this blog by Paddy Donnelly (warning, this link carries a parent advisory sticker) in which he expresses his frustration with web sites littered with spelling mistakes. I also find ...Read More