Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-30

Check out Platformability's latest by Caplin QA Manager @andrewjdarnell - Cost of Complexity is Not Linear: #RT @sarahlawfull:STOP!*really* find out the prob you're solving b4 u jump in with a ...Read More

SPA2010 Report

I was at the Software Practice Advancement conference (SPA) last week, here are a few of my thoughts from some of the sessions I attended: Phil and I presented Kwwika in the ...Read More

Cost of Complexity is not Linear

It is very clear that for systems of reasonable complexity (i.e. anything beyond toy examples) that increasing the complexity by ten percent adds far more than ten percent to the time to deliver, and far more than ten percent to the ...Read More

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-23

Google going real real-time? latest blog by @martintyler #comet #RT @sarahlawfull:relaxing@ #spa2010 after delivering "Persona Driven Development" yest, thx 4 the positive feedback ...Read More

SPA 2010 – PDD & other interesting stuff

A big thank you to all the attendees of our Persona Driven Development (PDD) workshop at SPA 2010.  This was the first ever external lead session of ours and what a great conference for Duncan and I to debut at.  We ...Read More

Google Comet?

At the Google I/O developer event a few interesting things have been announced. I blogged earlier this week about Google going real real-time with its Feed API and yesterday they announced some new features in Google App Engine. ...Read More

Google going real real-time

There's a log of talk about the real-time web these days, but most of it is talking about stuff that isn't really real-time at all. Most of it just means when you access the data it is up to date, or ...Read More

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-16

RT @CaplinSystems: Online platforms displace telephone as primary FX trading channel - read more at Finextra: #RT @IncMagazine: Ask @timoreilly your questions live right now: ...Read More

Benchmarking Liberator to 100,000 users

As I mentioned on my previous blog - Comet Servers for a Single-Dealer Platform (SDP) I am performing some new benchmarks for Liberator. These are going to focus on some new things as well as some new figures for our ...Read More