SPA 2010 – PDD & other interesting stuff

A big thank you to all the attendees of our Persona Driven Development (PDD) workshop at SPA 2010.  This was the first ever external lead session of ours and what a great conference for Duncan and I to debut at.  We thank you all for your energy in the session and we were delighted with your positive feedback, we will certainly be coming back!

A Narrative Journey Map (NJM) that one of the groups produced (thanks Rachel Davies) along with some of our own photos:

You can find the session presentation here
And Duncan’s blog on Narrative Journey Maps (NJMs) here

Sessions that stood out for me were:

  • USwitch: Creating a Lean Business from the inside out – the bird cage example was awesome on failing fast and the ingenious idea of sacking the QA team to ensure quality is baked in, were my particular favourites.
  • Effective Retrospectives by Rachel Davies: Phew, more effective ways to really understand and get to the root cause of issues, other than the very mundane “what went well, what didn’t”.
  • The Sword and other Tales by the chaps at new bamboo: An original and creative session with the energy just oozing from the company.  Couple of tips…  Schedule meetings at odd times like 10:23 to ensure promptness; don’t defer, do it now if you can, now, now, now; heat seeking actions with boolean check for easy follow-up.
  • Solve Conflicts without compromise by Pascal Van Cauwenberghe: It’s in our nature to jump in and find the solution before really challenging and understanding the problem.  This is a great technique with surprising results which will make you challenge assumptions and find a solution that you never thought was possible through using the “Conflict Resolution Diagram”.  You will also find some very useful sessions and tools at Pascal’s website

See you all next year.

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