Is Google Search Dead?

Over the past nine months I have been finding myself using Google search less and less. In fact it is no longer my first option to find relevant material in my field of expertise. My loyalties have shifted ...Read More

Liquid Networks and Borrow Hunches

How to innovate according to Steven Johnson... "Go for a walk; cultivate hunches; write everything down; but keep your folders messy; embrace serendipity; make generative mistakes; take on multiple hobbies, frequent coffee houses and other liquid networks; follow ...Read More

UX Definition Myopic?

I am starting to get a little frustrated on the volumes of tweets and blogs I am reading about UX, mainly because my vision and what we are doing here at  Caplin gets watered down through most people's myopic view of ...Read More

Virgin Galactic: Innovation Tips

Yesterday I attended the BlackBerry Innovation Forum 2010, London.  With the theme "Love Big Ideas" and the reference to "Innovation" I thought I might be enlightened on how BlackBerry drive innovation and create those big ideas - silly me. ...Read More

Collaborative Culture = Innovative Thinking

If companies are thinking about doing more “innovative thinking”, there is a lot of supporting material to provide evidence this is the right way to go – literature, studies, articles and examples out there that focus on innovation rather than maximising ...Read More

What’s in a Persona?

Personas are a tool we use at Caplin to help us REALLY understand who our users are and engage everyone in the company in building something compelling that will delight our users. ...Read More

SPA 2010 – PDD & other interesting stuff

A big thank you to all the attendees of our Persona Driven Development (PDD) workshop at SPA 2010.  This was the first ever external lead session of ours and what a great conference for Duncan and I to debut at.  We ...Read More

Kanban exposes documentation bottlenecks

Back in November I blogged about our company trialing Kanban, “Let’s all jump on the Kanban” which we have now extended to our Documentation Team – something described by David Joyce as BBC Kanban Flu. We ...Read More