User-Centric Design and the Power of Personas

If you have been following Caplin and in particular our UX practices regarding Personas you will find the article I have written for the Methods & Tools magazine on User-Centric Design and the Power of Personas helpful.  It will give you an insight into the benefits of using Personas and how this can deliver you better products. It will also give you practical steps to follow to get up and running in just a few days.

Methods & Tools is a quarterly free software development magazine that anyone in the industry who cares about doing things right, learning new stuff, or just want to be inspired by others should be reading.

Written by people in the industry who are experienced, thought leaders and genuinely passionate about what they do.   It’s a fabulous insight into what people are focusing on and a great kick start in initiating change for the better.

It covers such things as Software Testing, Project Management, Programming, UML, Agile (eXtreme Programming, Scrum, TDD), Requirements, Databases, Software Process Improvement, Tools.

What’s in the Spring addition:

  • Automated Acceptance Tests and Requirements Traceability – With Examples Using Java and Concordion
  • Managing Schedule Flaws using Agile Methods – Metrics to Manage Project Schedule Risks
  • User-Centric Design and the Power of Personas – Agile Persona Driven Development
  • Complexity Theory for Software Developers – Brain Tools for Software Developers and Managers
  • Build Patterns to Boost your Continuous Integration – Let the Build Doctor Help You
  • Software Development Tools: GivWenZen, Tellurium, Apache CXF, RSpec, Maven Plugins, Celoxis

Download your copy at

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