CSS Sprites and the Jigosaurus

120 individual PNGs for one jigsaw As mentioned before, Jigosaurus is a multiplayer jigsaw puzzle that is played through a web browser. When Aleksei, Yasser and I joined as part of the Caplin ...Read More

Clojure Dojo

We had a great time with the London Clojurians at the Clojure Dojo hosted by ThoughtWorks on Tuesday night. Lots of cool (and geeky) code written and fun had by all. It was very nice to get together with a lot ...Read More

Dev Days: Learning Haskell

There is a strong culture of innovation at Caplin and everyone is encouraged to take time out to explore new technologies, build useful tools that would not otherwise be scheduled, and generally learn interesting things. The easiest way ...Read More

Javascript: Elements of Style

I recently read Farhad Manjoo’s polemic on slate explaining that using two spaces after a full stop is flat out wrong. Of course things are never that simple and Manifest Destiny has an ...Read More

TEDtalk: The Beauty of Data Visualisation

As a User Experience Designer at Caplin Systems, I am faced with the challenge of translating complex financial data into something quite lively and exciting on a daily basis.  With that in mind, I recently had the pleasure of watching a ...Read More

Dynamic method invocation in Ruby

This year at Caplin we are having a series of Tech Talks based on Bruce A. Tate's Seven Languages in Seven Weeks. This is a great book and I would highly recommend it to any coders out there. Whether you ...Read More

Why do dogs…?

Hello Platformability readers. I want to know what you wonder about while daydreaming (working hard) at your desks. As part of “Work Smarter”, my series of blog posts on the science of work, I have ...Read More