Why do dogs…?

Hello Platformability readers.

I want to know what you wonder about while daydreaming (working hard) at your desks.

As part of “Work Smarter”, my series of blog posts on the science of work, I have tried to cover the issues of:

Sleep deprivation and who can handle it
Providing free food at work
What happens to you when you drink a cup of coffee
How to use your brain
And the Technological singularity

Genetics has come a long away
No you can’t have one as a pet.

Now I want to know what other things concern you.

Do you sit there and think about the ergonomics of your desk (and what your Boss is doing to your neck) or maybe you wonder what hours of the day are most beneficial for you to visit the gym.

Possibly you just want to know the link between the music you listen to and the code you write, the bugs present in your sushi lunch or even the chemistry behind the CFO’s latest space project.

Hit Reply, let me know and I’ll do my best to write some interesting and relevant blog posts in return.

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