The Psychology of UX: Part 2

Today we are going to talk about something that most people think they do very well, but in actuality don't.... MULTI-TASKING.  If you are multi-tasking while reading this blog post, CLOSE THE OTHER WINDOWS. I need your full attention. Seriously. Let's find out ...Read More

Office noise or music at work?

Loud colleagues are annoying: But office noise really does cause problems. At its loudest it may induce hearing damage but at even moderate levels it can cause distraction, stress and high blood pressure. Someone who often talks loudly on the phone behind you may ...Read More

Why do dogs…?

Hello Platformability readers. I want to know what you wonder about while daydreaming (working hard) at your desks. As part of “Work Smarter”, my series of blog posts on the science of work, I have tried to cover the issues of: • Sleep deprivation and ...Read More

Coffee, caffeine, performance and you

Coffee is a worldwide phenomenon. Despite absolutely no requirement for it in the human diet, millions of us use it every day. After observing the huge milk and sugar filled cups of a certain coffee chain a venture capitalist famously remarked ...Read More

Sleep deprivation doesn't work for all of us

I had a wonderful holiday last week. By wonderful holiday I don’t mean that I lay on a sun lounger in Tenerife for 12 hours a day in-between siestas and emerged beautified and well rested back at my desk on Monday morning. No. ...Read More

A Technological Singularity. A singular state of mind.

You’re pretty darn clever. No, I’m not messing around. You are. I’m pretty darn clever too. Humans are really quite smart. Our walnut-shaped heads house a brain several times larger than would be predicted for a species of our size but crucially with a ...Read More

Know your own mind

How does your brain feel? No, really. It’s a serious question. It is also one we naturally shy away from in the workplace. Possibly even one that you are shying away from as you are reading this post. What on earth does it matter how ...Read More