Coming Soon: Platformability gets a facelift!

Hello Platformability Readers. Good news—we will soon be having a facelift here with Platformability getting an entirely new, fresh look. After several years of running the blog we thought it was the right time to move forward with a new appearance to improve readability and make it easier to follow your favourite author.

No, it won’t be black and white

What we’ve done

In between our normal day jobs, the UX team at Caplin have been redesigning the experience, layout and styling of the blog to better match our enthusiasm towards ease-of-use and simplicity. Things we tried to consider were who is our audience, what are their needs or why might they want to read our blog as well as how we could make the blog a valuable resource for technical information. We also tried to bring across some of the visual language of data common to the financial world to our blog, since we do after all design financial applications.

We hope you are just as excited as we are to launch it in the coming month. We’ll be keen to hear your feedback about the overall look and usability once the new site is launched. Keep an eye out for a pleasant change and thanks for reading!

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