The Psychology of UX: Part 2

Welcome back to the Psychology of UX series! Today we are going to talk about something that most people think they do very well, but in actuality don't.... MULTI-TASKING.  If you are multi-tasking while reading this blog post, ...Read More

Clean Coder

In university we were given various compulsory professional ethics modules, which I considered largely pointless. I still do. Perhaps they should simply have given us a copy of Uncle Bob's new book "The Clean Coder". When it comes ...Read More

iOS5 Web Apps

When Apple released iOS 4.3 there was much talk of the improved Javascript performance due to the new 'Nitro' engine, however, it was soon discovered that Web Apps that were saved to the home screen and launched from there did not ...Read More

What I Learnt at SPA 2011

After weeks of keen anticipation, not to mention many long nights of preparation for my own session, SPA 2011 has now been and gone.Overall it was an excellent conference with a great group of attendees. The numerous inter-session conversations I ...Read More

SPA 2011

Along with some other friends from Caplin, I went to the SPA2011 conference at the beginning of this week. JavaScript turned out to be very popular this year and the first session I ...Read More

Office noise or music at work?

Loud colleagues are annoying, but office noise really does cause problems.At its loudest it may induce hearing damage but at even moderate levels it can cause distraction, stress and high blood pressure. Someone ...Read More

Insights from Web Directions Conference

A few weeks ago, two members of our UX team (Rafael and myself) had the privilege of attending the Web Directions @Media 2011 conference for two days of talks on all things web.  The range of speakers ...Read More

Picking a web server language

There is nothing better than starting a new Web App. I am constantly getting ideas about how to create the next big thing. It is going to use Canvas, CSS3 and bleeding edge JavaScript and be unlike anything that the world ...Read More

Financial Times chooses HTML5 over Native app

The Financial Times has become the first major news application to switch from a native app to an HTML5 web app. They explain their reasons here and experiences - ...Read More

The Psychology of UX: Part 1

Welcome back to this series on the psychology of UX! Today's lesson is: Firstly, I don’t think many people are going to debate this point if they are really honest with ...Read More