Welcome to Caplin Labs!

Caplin Labs

Caplin Labs are open! We invite you to take a moment to visit the labs and check out the current lab projects.

Caplin Labs
The development team during the Caplin Labs planning stage

Adam Iley, Technical Team Lead at Caplin, welcomes people to visit the labs:

“The Caplin Labs are designed to show off the new ideas that go beyond our project work. Our team is enthusiastic about experimenting with new development concepts, and we wanted a specific area where we could create and showcase these types of projects. Caplin Labs will feature  an extensive catalog of cool things we have developed where people can view, download and engage with various ideas and mockups.”

Lab projects will be published in various states of development – some of them in very early stage development and some that have been carefully developed and tested. Currently, users can download and play with lab projects locally. Phase 2 of Caplin Labs will allow users to open and launch apps running in the Caplin Labs environment.

Check out Caplin Labs here and let us know what you think!

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