A Day in Caplin: Emma, Project Management

Hi. My name is Emma, and I work as a Project Manager in the London-based Client Services team at Caplin. I have been working at Caplin for just over a year, and I enjoy liaising with clients and working with the team to meet our clients’ timelines.

A typical day starts with me cycling to work, weather permitting. I usually aim to get into work around 9 so that I am ready to attend my team’s stand-up at 9:15. During the stand-up, we discuss progress towards the sprint goal and how the sprint is going.

Generally, I spend the first part of the morning speaking to other Caplin teams to discuss and understand any dependencies and to make sure these are planned in. From there, I will have a quick call with the client to communicate progress, discuss any last minute requirement requests, and make sure they are up-to-date on how the project is going.

For lunch, I try to remember to bring some leftovers in, but more often make the most of the wealth of restaurants nearby and pick something up from there to have in the office kitchen.

In the afternoon I make sure Jira is up-to-date, check progress against plans, and update as required. As a project management team, we are always trying to improve our processes, and so when there is time I work on updating templates, documenting process and making suggestions. Most days I head home around 5:30.

The thing that I enjoy most about Caplin is the people that I work with. There is a great sense of teamwork. Everyone is really helpful, and even during busy times people are happy to help answer questions. It makes for a really supportive atmosphere and it’s great to feel part of the team.

On the weekends I like to go on bike rides in and around London, often stopping half way to have some cake and to find the best coffee spots.

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