A Day in Caplin: Priya, Finance

I’m Priya, Financial Accountant of Caplin Systems, and I joined the company almost four years ago. I have six years of experience in accounting, and I am currently studying towards ACCA with Caplin’s career development programme.

I’m in charge of Caplin’s accounts receivable and monthly/weekly sales and costs reporting. This means I mainly work with Caplin’s project managers and account managers, providing them with internal reports for various aspects of the business, including sales and projects. I’m also responsible for the company-wide payroll processing.

What I love most about Caplin is the vibe and culture! We have the most amazing mix of people. Everyone is very friendly, helpful and cheery. The Finance team is very well integrated with the rest of the company. It’s hard to feel isolated at Caplin — our company events bring all the teams together, leading to a great sense of company spirit!

Outside of Caplin, on my weekends I teach Indian Classical Dance.

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