2 Minutes: Steve Morgan

Steve Morgan joined Caplin as Development Manager in August 2010 Q: Steve, welcome to Caplin. Where have you joined us from? A: I was with Qualcomm for nearly 5 years.  ...Read More

Sleep deprivation doesn’t work for all of us

I had a wonderful holiday last week. By wonderful holiday I don’t mean that I lay on a sun lounger in Tenerife for 12 hours a day in-between siestas and emerged beautified and well rested back at my desk on Monday morning. No, by ...Read More

One step closer to a ‘web/work/space UI’…

Does Tab Candy signal the slow death of the tab? It's a strange turn of phrase, but as we do more and more online keeping tabs on everything and segregating areas of interest is becoming a more and more frustrating and complicated task when ...Read More

2 Minutes: Arthur Smit

We talk UX design with Caplin's Arthur Smit. Q: You definitely add a dash of unique style to the Caplin team! Let me ask the question everyone is dying to ask.....where do you get your shoes? ...Read More

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-18

RT @patrickmyles: Some interesting food for thought on Acceptance Testing from GOOSGaggle: http://bit.ly/aqYpsv #Using Fiddler to help develop cross domain capable JavaScript web applications by @leggetter: http://bit.ly/OgvD5 ...Read More

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-11

Platformability's latest for all you UX people: "Duncan: On the Impossible Bloomberg Makeover" by @detyro himself: http://bit.ly/aYGCs4 #Happy Friday everyone! Latest from Platformability: Agile – Tests = Fragile by @andrewjdarnell, QA ...Read More

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-04

Ext Designer 1.0 WYSIWYG design tool for Ext ajax apps released - http://bit.ly/cVkVqF #Platformability latest from @martintyler: 3 Generations of RIA Trading. Our experience of RIA streaming architectures.: http://bit.ly/b48GPf ...Read More

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-21

CaplinTech blog update from @adamshone: Designing a kanban board - not as simple as you might think: http://bit.ly/ayo5Az #agile #yam #RT @patrickmyles: Very interesting blog from the BBC about ...Read More