The Company of the Future: UX-driven?

At Caplin, we've taken a feather out of Google's hat with our weekly Tech Talks. At Tech Talks one of our developers shares informative or inspirational videos, talks or gives a presentation on something tech-related. It’s a great platform for livening up the ...Read More

2 minutes: Vanessa Carey

Vanessa Carey joined Caplin’s fast growing UX Design team in November 2010. With a background in both product design and graphic design, Vanessa is already making big contributions to successful user journeys within Caplin products. Q: We all know what graphic design is, but ...Read More

TEDtalk: 'The Beauty of Data Visualisation'

As a User Experience Designer at Caplin Systems, I am faced with the challenge of translating complex financial data into something quite lively and exciting on a daily basis.  With that in mind, I recently had the pleasure of watching a TEDtalk ...Read More

2 Minutes: Duncan Brown

Duncan Brown has been Head of UX Design at Caplin since 2007. Collaborating across Caplin with business and engineering, Duncan has defined and implemented a process to ensure that users have a better and more engaging experience with Caplin's e-trading products. Heading up a recently ...Read More

Platformability 2010 Roundup – A Year to Remember

December has certainly been a month of festive cheer here at Caplin. Despite it being one of our busiest months ever, we still managed to get into the swing of the holiday season. With visions of mince pies and mulled wine ...Read More

Finding the Ideal UX Wireframing Software

Wireframing is the way a UX designer expresses their ideas by showing layout, navigation and task flows in a skeleton of a web interface. For a better idea on wireframes, check out the 'I ♥ wireframes' group. Why? When I recently joined the ...Read More

HTML5 Toolkits for Complex Web Applications

At Caplin, we build very complex web applications for financial trading, and we are often asked for advice about which of the many JavaScript toolkits out there are the best. Embarking on developing a web application can be bewildering: there's no shortage of JavaScript ...Read More

UX Definition Myopic?

I am starting to get a little frustrated on the volumes of tweets and blogs I am reading about UX, mainly because my vision and what we are doing here at  Caplin gets watered down through most people's myopic view of what we ...Read More

It's High Time for Good UX

There seem to be a number of people who still have the impression that User Experience (UX) is some divine attribute that is miraculously bestowed upon a few anointed applications. Other applications, they say, have no UX. There is also a belief that ...Read More

What's in a Persona?

Personas are a tool we use at Caplin to help us REALLY understand who our users are and engage everyone in the company in building something compelling that will delight our users. No I am not talking about a sexy, ...Read More