2 thoughts on “Results: What are your favourite server-side languages?”

  1. Jennifer,
    ASP.NET is not a language. It is a platform/framework for building web apps. It would be more precise to change your ASP.NET label to C# (although developers could use other .NET-compatible languages, I suspect that most would be using C#).
    I would also be interested to see how many voters there were for C++.

    1. You’re right.
      I understand what you mean about ASP.NET not being a language so much as a framework, but I didn’t see the need to differentiate between C++ or VB specifically as which language you pick is a small detail compared to the rest of the stack which you are committing yourself to. However, in retrospect it would have been interesting to have an option for each to see which ASP.NET developers prefer (I suspect C#).
      As to the option of C++ I admit I did not even consider this option. It would have been interesting to see how many web projects are still driven by C or C++ (or Perl for that matter), but I suspect it is a relatively small number contained within the “Other” category.

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