Automated Testing: The Challenges: Part I

Automated testing is one of the newer areas of software testing which is evolving fast. Testing an enterprise web application is a huge task because there might be hundreds of stories to test on each browser. This is where automated testing becomes handy. ...Read More

Agile UX safari

Around fifty UX Agilistas descended on Caplin’s London office yesterday for an Agile UX Meetup event. It was great to see Martyn Jones from Mind Candy again as I enjoyed the previous event they had hosted. A small army of Caplinites kept the event running ...Read More

Story Maps and SpecLog (Story Maps part 3)

Story maps were an often mentioned conceptual tool at the Agile and BDD one day mini conference of 7 sessions in one location. See skillsmatter for the program and podcasts of the sessions.There were some great talks covering topics from ...Read More

What do designers keep in their toolkit?

I previously posted a twin infographic of the developer's toolkit. Here we move on to look inside a designer's toolkit. The sampling here is even narrower - only 180 designers… so it's a little small for any real judgement ...Read More

Project Dashboard – Part 1

With dozens of products in development at any one point in time, staying informed of the overall health of current projects can be like trying to count cards at a 6 deck blackjack table while the croupier sings the 12 days of Christmas. ...Read More

QA Brown Bag Sessions

A Brown Bag session, seminar or lunch is a very informal meeting held during a lunch break to discuss or present various topics. Considering the QA team is distributed across different project teams, it is not always easy to keep everyone up to date. ...Read More

Issues with Story Maps (Story Maps part 2)

Click here for Part 1: Stories & Story Maps There are two challenges with story maps that we seem to continually face: 1. Physicality: Story maps work best when you have a lot of physical space to lay ...Read More

What do developers keep in their toolbox?

I just  discovered a website called that let's you find the 'best' work apps based on the recommendations and experience of your peers (or at least your peers that have been on I like these crowdsourced comparison tools for finding consensus ...Read More

Server Scalability – HTML5 websockets vs Comet

There's an interesting discussion over on stackoverflow about server scalability and HTML5 WebSockets vs Comet. I have blogged in the past on the topic of server performance and about WebSocket and have just contributed to the stackoverflow thread. Anyway, ...Read More