Pairwise Testing

Recently we had a discussion about testing all possible combinations within a FX Trade Ticket. To give a context, a trade ticket consists of several parameters like: - Trade Type (SPOT, FORWARD, SWAP, TIMEOPTION) - Currency Pair (BASE, TERM) - Direction (BUY, SELL) If we combine all possibilities ...Read More

Automated Testing: Caplin Solution Example: Part III

As you may recall the first part of this blog was addressing the challenges facing automated testers and companies. The second part provided an overview to the solution. Finally, in this blog we are presenting a couple of examples to demonstrate how we ...Read More

Automated Testing: Caplin Solution Overview, Part II

In Caplin we have found the solution to all of these problems mentioned Part I. Caplin Trader software architecture has been developed following MVVM (Model View ViewModel) architecture with automated testing in mind. This architecture separates the user interface (View) from Model ...Read More

Automated Testing: The Challenges: Part I

Automated testing is one of the newer areas of software testing which is evolving fast. Testing an enterprise web application is a huge task because there might be hundreds of stories to test on each browser. This is where automated testing becomes handy. ...Read More

Story Maps and SpecLog (Story Maps part 3)

Story maps were an often mentioned conceptual tool at the Agile and BDD one day mini conference of 7 sessions in one location. See skillsmatter for the program and podcasts of the sessions.There were some great talks covering topics from ...Read More

QA Brown Bag Sessions

A Brown Bag session, seminar or lunch is a very informal meeting held during a lunch break to discuss or present various topics. Considering the QA team is distributed across different project teams, it is not always easy to keep everyone up to date. ...Read More

Issues with Story Maps (Story Maps part 2)

Click here for Part 1: Stories & Story Maps There are two challenges with story maps that we seem to continually face: 1. Physicality: Story maps work best when you have a lot of physical space to lay ...Read More

Stories and Story Maps (Story Maps part 1)

Here at Caplin we use and are constantly evaluating Agile practices and techniques that make software development and maintenance as efficient as possible. In particular to the practice of BDD, which ‘utilises stories as it's basic unit of functionality’ according to Dan ...Read More

Testing Asynchronous JavaScript with Jasmine

For many applications, when you call a method the effect is immediate. For example calling a method like showErrorMessage("Error") will instantly update the page to give feedback to the user. However, not all applications are this simple. Caplin uses StreamLink libraries to connect our ...Read More

Design Driven Testing: Test Smarter, not Harder

TDD is a great methodology that I would expect most developers to have a good knowledge of. That said, I can count on one hand the number of developers I have met who claim to follow it fully. In fact, I can count it ...Read More