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The Psychology of UX: Part 4

Oh, you remembered to come back! So glad to have you as, coincidentally, today’s topic is on MEMORY. This blog was originally posted on my personal blog and you can check it out there too. “Memory is deceptive because it is colored by ...Read More

The Psychology of UX: Part 3

Hello again and welcome back to the Psychology of UX series! Today's topic is all about MISTAKES. But before we begin let's just define... "..a decision or action, or lack thereof, that we fear we'll come to regret. They usually cause some degree ...Read More

The 50 Commandments of software development

Many years ago I worked for a small software house, Teleca. This was well before the terms "lean" or "agile" were in common use in a software development context. Teleca's founder, Paul Sherwood, shunned formal systems like iso9001 and instead ...Read More

Trading front-ends handling a large number of instruments

Yesterday I prepared a client demonstration illustrating how trading front-ends can handle subscriptions to a large number of instruments. Equity derivative and fixed income trading front-ends often display long lists of products from extensive product databases. Front-ends traditionally interact with market data platforms using ...Read More

The Psychology of UX: Part 2

Today we are going to talk about something that most people think they do very well, but in actuality don't.... MULTI-TASKING.  If you are multi-tasking while reading this blog post, CLOSE THE OTHER WINDOWS. I need your full attention. Seriously. Let's find out ...Read More

Clean Coder

In university we were given various compulsory professional ethics modules, which I considered largely pointless. I still do. Perhaps they should simply have given us a copy of Uncle Bob's new book "The Clean Coder". When it comes to how we act as professionals ...Read More

iOS5 Web Apps

When Apple released iOS 4.3 there was much talk of the improved Javascript performance due to the new 'Nitro' engine, however, it was soon discovered that Web Apps that were saved to the home screen and launched from there did not use that ...Read More

What I Learnt at SPA 2011

After weeks of keen anticipation, not to mention many long nights of preparation for my own session, SPA 2011 has now been and gone. Overall it was an excellent conference with a great group of attendees. The numerous inter-session conversations I had with ...Read More

SPA 2011

Along with some other friends from Caplin, I went to the SPA2011 conference at the beginning of this week. Web applications a la node Javascript turned out to be very popular this year and the first session I went to was on node.js. ...Read More